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Cat Proof Gardening in the Shade

April 7th, 2011 Posted in Tulips Tags: , ,

Garden Shadoukyatto proof

I have a small garden, I would like to maximize the growth of Hong Kong University of vocational education in the spring to reach a mature age, 30 years old, I am interested in gardening. I do my wife, as a person has left the traditional green, my garden is growing, literally. I’m not always the last one week, first go to nursery , B and Q, can not believe the difference in the atmosphere. B and Q, but my wife nag me to buy my tools, I am sure to task on his hands all over the world, you can sweat. Nursery is very quiet but a quiet, sun was shining I do not particularly easy, you can spend an entire day, the flowers began to bloom. I ask is they are so busy in the shade, I can see comments flowers and gardening techniques, and original research making a publication decision. I have a library, go to the local used bookstore, Google is not to fail. fence for his garden in the shadow of the gray and gray look that matches the needs of the rest of the garden . I need to find prosperity and low capacity and the warm sunny light tolerance in plants. I do not want to waste money and kill the plant experiment is that I want to get this right the first time. Worse than just a waste of money, I would like a waste of talent or ability in the next gardener. That it is currently an area of gravel is no water in the competition, I, I’m cheap and easy, the growth of soil bags cover, garden bag to grow, it does not need protection from cats and kittens.
I’m such a crocus, snowdrop, the tulip is an ideal spring bulbs and a few species are enough sunlight Access and found a lightly shaded area to provide them every year. In the space of my garden in the sun in the afternoon should be fine, you will receive it later. spring flower bulbs, planting new bulbs each fall, using them as long as one year, you can grow in the shade, digging to be abandoned once they are open. I need to spend
Tulips103, I see I have a small type of greenhouse gases covered in this work, the bulbs from the sack of cats You must defend, I found the perfect job. These cats are taken in the greenhouse to sit at the top, this little green house, tried to mining, not bad so far. It’s probably because part of the whole project is divided into my garden, my cat Tom to keep you sick, the day was heavy on the ginger afraid of the neighbor’s land assets. On the other hand, I work in only two sizes of cats is not a greenhouse can be a large document and other documents have a large garden too large investment, the more common low decided to stick with a plastic cover.