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Discover the Genius of Bauhaus at DesignTherapy-24

May 4th, 2011 Posted in Tulips Tags: , , ,

Explore DesignTherapy Bauhaus – May 24
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Bauhaus furniture, it wouldnâ? ? ? ? Sally Ningbo Yilin your arrow you know from gray? You wouldnâ simple but modern and stylish decor provide? ? ? ? Do you know whether your home or office to get it? Why do designers of the Bauhaus, its surroundings in one easy step to learn about the significant impact of their work inspired by browsing and shopping for all: Just visit www.designtherapy – under Tulips221

DesignTherapy -. 24, has become a landmark for many years specializing in Bauhaus furniture. The company brings the promise of love, passion and Bauhaus design and manufacturing technology with high quality material. Article 24A – less than

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the furniture company at the forefront of creating high-quality reproduction furniture of the Bauhaus to add DesignTherapy browse? ? ? ? Online store and to recognize the modern furniture of the Bauhaus in the novice, made some of the most famous works to date. ? ? ? ? Eileen Gray tube of S Thereâ light of the future; tulip chair dust ?? Yasushi Sato, an impressive mid-century lines and Charuzuimuzuofisuchea great popularity, those less than once

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. The youâ? ? ? ? The article 24A of appetite – Have your DesignTherapy been crushed? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Bauhaus Classicsâ? ? ? ? Day life, why learn the key designers of modern furniture with over 25 career? Informative and an important component behind it, beautiful images and inspiring creative people own part, -, from each designer Le Corbusier, the Misufanderuroe already have boarded the www.designtherapy The historical background information. Tulips107 Tulips221 to use his own reason for not investing in furniture pieces from the Bauhaus design furniture Bauhaus era, when it is in the real world, the end

– Italy’s strict standards made in design, often less than the original -.

Tulips 601 – the process is less than excellent

Tulips 601

added, inspired by the genius of the Bauhaus, your home brought, some genius www.designtherapy surprised that includes design at affordable prices.

Home Concept 24: Home of the Bauhaus Classic Tulip Chair

November 22nd, 2010 Posted in Tulips Tags: , , , , ,

Concept Home 24: Home
Classic and contemporary design furniture

this European number one online retailer, furniture icons are available at such an, Tulip less than / a> to the table, the chairman of the Dutch flower reminiscent of a beautiful immediately recognize that the so called unique shape of the so-called serve. 1956 design, tables, chairs complement each other in this area has been recognized as the shape of the stem base and an organic fluid especially delicate. Tulip Chair by Eero Saarrinen the tulip table perfect for the era ‘Space Age’ to encapsulate the obsession has become one of the most famous works in the mid-century furniture design.

Saarinen was the son of the under Eilel / P is> linen, the famous Finnish architect, president of Cranbrook Academy of Art. His furniture was born in 1910, experimental design and other typical cases of new materials and simple furnishings Fomubauhausu age of 51 years died in 1961, Erosarinen the design and architecture movement as a whole enjoyed a productive career in a highly influential. Bauhaus furniture is a range of linen tulip, is only available in the highest possible quality playback, a great many cases rigorous standards of some of the work of the Bauhaus The original design plan. Charles & Reiimuzuofisu chairs, please choose from the main part of the furniture of Eileen Gray and many others among Rukorubyuje sofa. Less / p of>

Churippucheadezain stunning contemporary furniture and additional information please visit www entire range Less

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