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April 9th, 2010 Posted in Art

Imagine that you can climb the rainbow, to extend the time and travel to distant places, meet famous people, the venue for exciting events, and face to face with the dragons and unicorn. wouldn 't what to expect? We can make a journey of imagination that is so exciting in the works of famous artists in our preschool programs. Exploring the great works of art and artists from different times and different places to open new doors for learning for both teachers and children.

tradition of art in childhood program focuses on the production or making art. People can interact with art in a different way. In addition to creating the art can appreciate, understand and even evaluation. Preschool that encourage these skills through the program of arts, expand the child 's focus on making simple to recognize, understand and appreciate art.

Some experts believe that children need the opportunity to examine what they see in order to understand and respond to it (Gaitskell, Hurwitz and Day, 1982). Besides artistic activities related to the course offers another type of hands-on vote.

The Fine Arts in early childhood programs are often so exciting for the teacher, as well as for children. Learning andand materials for students. Let the knowledge of child development is your guide. Challenging students to reach new horizons to explore, create and explore new things. Then challenge yourself to reach, explore, create and explore. Learn more about the use of technology in the classroom. Visit

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Assemblage artist creates unique whimsical

April 7th, 2010 Posted in Art

Palm Desert, CA – artist, Lauretta Lowell, has used his extravagant view of life to discover a style unusual for the creation of assembly of its new series of whimsical dolls. The style, you said they discovered less than a year ago, based on the process of bringing their love life sculptures memorable encounter with a mixture of humor, antiques, old toys, hardware and jewelry. She calls her creations whimsical Trivia . The sculptures take on a personality and history of their reflection in his titles as: Wish I Had a Pony, Mr. Wolf gets in touch with your inner Coelho, too late to escape and join the circus Stepford monkey, a cage bird sings again, and calls for . The unique, whimsical sculptures, as well as its unusual jewelry, are exhibited and sold in Heuss Gallery in Palm Springs, CA, and Art & Soul Gallery in Seattle, WA and Gallery 873 in Ivins. Lowell said that this agglutination was found out of frustration with traditional media and the gravity constant of more traditional art. “Art is the explosive expression of humanity, serious and silly. It 's something is played by everyone, no matter what people or culture duot; said. In other news, Lauretta will be selling their art at the next Gilda 's Club Annual Breakfast, Boutique Fashion Show , 20 November at The Westin Mission Hills Resort & Spa Rancho Mirage, California. and La Quinta de Art Under the umbrella , 28 November. His work has been shown and sold in Hawaii – Utah – Santa Barbara, Westlake, San Luis Obispo, San Francisco, CA. For more information see their website at .

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