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Cool Tulips images

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Is, check out the image of tulips these:

… in tulip Ottoman

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Ottoman Empire oriented itself toward Europe, is a period of relative peace the 1718-1730 era tulip. The name is derived from the fact that it is tulip disease during this period. Tulip has been purchased by the nobility in order to express the fashion of the times widely. Summer Imperial Chancellor Ibrahim Nev?ehirliDamatPa. Patrona Khalil, has seen a significant increase in art and culture heritage of the entire empire led by “period. Tulip” that riot was marked by the end of the year in 1730. The new housing capital projects, based on the Bosphorus yalis in particular. Artistic expression is now a craftsman of sponsors of the new capital that is associated with the capital. This feeling of appreciation of artistic achievement extends to other areas of culture, science and academic research. Wikipedia … (Sultanahmet – Istanbul – Turkey)


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Tulips from Amsterdam in the garden of my mother.


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Dusk tulip

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