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Caring for your Necklaces

April 10th, 2010 Posted in Gardening

Beautifying the neckline is a task performed by a sleek and attractive looking necklace. If you have to please a woman, you must think of gifting her a necklace, as this accessory pleases her the most.

If you are a lucky woman who owns many fashion necklaces but lacks the knowledge as to how to care for them, we have certain points and tips that will help you be enlightened about the right methods to care for you necklace. Take a look:

•Necklaces of gold: Though, it is proven that fashion necklaces made if gold do not tarnish easily but still it is advised to keep good care of them. If you wear these necklaces in daily wear, the shine of these necklaces gets affected by the hand creams, suntan lotions, soap, and perspiration. Whenever the gold necklaces are not in use they should be kept in safe original boxes wrapped in a soft cloth. Also, make sure that they saved alone as storing them with other material of necklaces can make them scratched and tangled. Clean your gold necklaces with a soft cloth.

•Sterling necklaces: Silver sterling necklaces are also known as designer necklaces. These necklaces are affected by the body secretions so need extra care. When it is time to clean them, use a soft cloth that will help the dirt and dust to fade away and will keep your fashion necklaces shining like forever. Don’t rub the necklaces while cleaning as it can spoil the grace and beauty, making them look scratchy. Once you rinse and clean the sterling necklaces, you can store them zip lock air-tight bag to avoid its contact with air. If your necklaces are heavy hand them over to a professional cleaner rather than performing the task on your own.

•Pearl necklaces: Same goes for pearl necklaces. Clean them after every use with a damp dry cloth and then store. You can choose to wash these necklaces with gentle soap and then leave them to get dried on a dry cloth. Never use harsh or ultrasonic chemicals on it.

•Diamond necklaces: The designer necklaces in diamond are to be cared smartly and diligently. Keep them ever shining; prefer cleaning them with gentle cleanser, and afterwards with apt dry lint-free cloth. Avoid wearing these diamond designer necklaces while exercising or gardening. Make sure that your diamonds are out of contact with chlorine bleach.

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