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Annual Flowers for Your Garden (Alyssum) to Z (INNs)

March 5th, 2010 Posted in Flowers


for what makes a carpet of tiny flowers in white, red and pink. B is the Begonia, which have delicate pink, red or white flowers. C is for Celosia, the velvety red and orange feathers. D is for Dahlia, which produce large flowers of purple, orange, red, pink or yellow.

E is for eternity, not years – which only bloom for a year. F for an hour

Four O 'Mirabilis Jalapa, or who, as the name suggests its flowers open in the afternoon. G is the geranium, the classic red clusters of pink or white petals. H Malva, the towers of purple and white flowers, often with a different color in the middle. I, for Impatiens, with small delicate white flowers and red roses are among the first to bloom in spring. J is for Just as I jumped out just the letter J. K is for Kale, leaves may be white or red light to illuminate the garden throughout the season. the Lobelia, with waterfall and small blue flowers prolific. M is great, with bright yellow or orange flowers, which are said to deter pests in the garden. N is for Nasturtium who love vineO is for Osteospermum, strange as daisy flower, which blooms in a rainbow of colors. P is Petunia, an old garden favorite with fallen petals in shades of red, pink, white, and even striped. Q is a dilemma, as the Q shows that in these lists. R is for Rudbeckia, with bright yellow or orange flowers such as daisies. With the snapdragons, cut stems of flowers that press will just look like they are buying. T is for Thunbergia

which flowers red or pink, with a distinctive black “eyes”. U is for land, which is where you will plant seeds. In the viola, with delicate violet and yellow flowers are often the first year to bloom in spring. W is for water, since most annual flowers need regular watering to look their best. X, for Xeranthemum, a rare flower in pale pink or white. Y is for you because you try to annual flowers in your garden. With the INNs, with large red flowers in confidence, pink, yellow or white. more resources to acquiring and growing

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