How Seasons Affect Flower Deliveries

spring flowers It is not difficult to understand how this process works because just as nature has four seasons, so there are four separate seasons which affect flower delivery. However, these are not the only seasons to be mindful of. First, let´s check out the four seasons of nature to see how they affect flower delivery.
Spring - This is obviously the very best time that you could send flowers because it is the time that they are most likely to be in bloom. As a result, flowers sent during the spring are already predisposed to lasting quite a long while. This is a lovely time to send flowers because they are said to be in season. In particularly, tulips are a great idea to send during the Spring of the year. You can´t go wrong choosing to send flowers for Spring time.
Summer - This is another great time to send flowers, but due to the heat they can sometimes experience a little wilting once your recipient gets them. Florists have special means by which they ship flowers so that they are well preserved, so you will not have to worry about this, but it is always a smart idea to do your homework and try to send them through the best florist to get the best results.
Autumn - Also called Fall, this is a good season for many flowers because they are still blooming in the early Autumn before the first freezes of the year. Choosing to send flowers now means that you will need to pick certain flowers which might be shipped in from warmer climates, but this is not always the case. Your florist is sure to have great advice here.
Winter - This is the season when flowers are almost always gathered from far off places. Be aware that they will need to be shipped a special way and that you might have limited selection during winter. However, poinsettias can always be counted on during winter.
Other seasons to keep in mind are major holidays such as Christmas, Mother´s Day and Valentine´s Day when florists often experience shortages. If you order at the last minute during these seasons you may need to have alternative choices ready to tell your florist in case supplies are low on the precise flowers you want.